Dental Plans at Osmaston Road Dental Care Ltd

*Osmaston Road Dental Care offers a selection of Dental plans to help you budget for your routine preventative and restorative private dental care for yourself and your family. All our plans come with supplementary insurance, to provide cover should you have a dental injury or dental emergency.



The All Inclusive Denplan Care package:

Denplan Care covers all of your dental needs with one simple and affordable monthly payment*. This plan will also entitle you to Dental Insurance cover whilst you're away from home in the UK (outside a 40mile radius from the practice) or abroad. The Dentist will first need to assess you so as they can put you into the correct fee band to best suit your dental needs. The fee bands are as follows:

Band A £15.77
Band B £21.67
Band C £25.77
Band D £28.97
Band E £40.55

*Excludes lab fees, cosmetic work and prescriptions. Full terms and conditions apply.

Denplan Essentials: 

We offer Denplan Essentials to our patients at just £12.50 per month. This package includes the following:

  • Two Routine Dental Examinations per year.
  • Two twenty minute Scale and Polish appointments per year.
  • Two Radiographs per year.
  • 20% discount on other treatment needed*
  • Supplementary insurance cover*

*Excludes lab fees, cosmetic work and prescriptions. Full terms and conditions apply.



Denplan for Children:

For our younger patient's we are pleased to be able to offer Denplan for Children. As with the Denplan Care for adults, the Children's plan would cover all of your child's dental needs within the practice*. Your child would be placed in the fee band best suited to their Dental needs to give them the complete care and support they require. These fee bands are as follows:

  • Band A - £6.81 per month
  • Band B - £10.03 per month

*Terms and conditions apply


Osmaston Road Dental Healthcare Basics Package:

At just £4.04 per month this is the perfect plan for patients on a budget.

You will receive Dental Insurance that will give you peace of mind when away from home in the UK (outside a 40 mile radius from the practice) or abroad*

Our basics package will also entitle you to a reduced rate on your dental treatment.

Reduced treatment costs:

  • Routine Examination    -  £18.50
  • Silver Filling                -  £50.50
  • Routine Extraction       -  £50.50
  • Crown                        -  £219.00

This package will exclude certain treatments and materials which can be paid at an additional cost should you desire.


*Terms and conditions apply

*please note there is a one off registration fee of £15 for all Dental Plans. You can cancel your plan at any time but if this is within 6months of registration you will be required to pay for any treatment received or any discount received on treatment.